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Cell Systems is the source for CS (Cell Systems ) primary human and bovine cells as well as more than 30 available ACBRI site-specific primary human cell types. 

Cell Systems also has available an extensive listing of both serum-containing and serum-free flavors of CS medium and reagents.

CS mediums are complete and ready to use as delivered without supplementation: the serum-free and serum-containing medium kits used in certifying CS and ACBRI cells. These kits may also be used with all primary, immortalized, neoplastic and established cell lines.

CS complete medium kits provide a stable, consistent, common in vitro growth environment for >90% of the most widely used mesenchymal cells and cell lines in use today. These include all CS and ACBRI Certified human cells, embryonic and adult stem cells, bone marrow cells (both CFU-F and Erythroid Burst Cultures), vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells, connective tissue cells, immortalized cell lines, tumor-derived cell lines, and ex vivo leukocyte expansion.

CS certified reagents are complete and ready to use as delivered: attachment, passage, cryopreservation, growth factor, and other reagents for use with all primary and established cell lines. These reagents are used in certifying CS and ACBRI cells.