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Cell Systems (CS) manufactures as a "gold" standard normal primary CS CertifiedTM cells. Using as a reference these cell lines, ACBRI formulated and qualified complete mediums and reagents appropriate for use as delivered with >90% of cell types in use today.

Cell Systems is the authorized distributor of ACBRI site-specific human cells. CS also isolates and distributes, as the "gold" standard, normal CS human and animal primary cells. Using these cells as a reference, ACBRI formulated and qualified varieties of complete mediums and reagents appropriate (for use as delivered) with > 90% of cell types in use today.

The importance of the CS medium formulation is best understood by reviewing formulation dates for the mediums in use in laboratories right now : M1991 (1950-52), BME2 (1955-76), DMEM3 (1959), F-124 (1965), and MCDB5 (1976).

These formulations must be variously supplemented, modified and tweaked to support the housekeeping metabolism of each different cell type. Additional  products must be added for growth, and decisions made regarding serum, concentration, testing and cost. 

Chances are that the only components of cell biology research with a more venerable heritage are Earle's6 (1943) and Hank's7 (1949) salt mixture

Its now time that recent knowledge be incorporated in the formulation of media and reagents qualified for use with standard cells. This is the logic that governs and focuses CS Certified™ Cells, Medium Kits and Reagents

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