Human Arterial Endothelial Cells

Certificate #: CSC 2A0


Primary Human Arterial Endothelial Cells (CSC 2A0) are pooled primary isolates from 250 individual donor umbilical arteries.

These cells were originated using CSC Complete Serum-Free Medium (SF-4Z0-500), and subsequently grown and passaged in CSC Complete Medium (4Z0-500).  They are available at Passage 3 [<12 cumulative population doublings] cryopreserved in CSC Cell Freezing Medium (4Z0-705). This vial will initiate a Passage 4 cell culture in a 75cm2 flask.

In addition to cryopreserved vials, these cells also are available in 25cm2 and 75cm2 proliferating cell culture flasks (US domestic market only).

Each vial or flask of cells is shipped to Customer with Bac-Off® (antibiotic) and CultureBoost (animal derived growth factors) or Cultureboost-R (human recombinant growth factors) at no additional cost.

These cells are qualified for use with all recombinant and non-recombinant versions of CSC Serum-Free and Serum-Containing (10% by volume) Complete Medium Kits; CSC Attachment Factor™ (4Z0-210); CSC Passage Reagent Group™ (4Z0-800) and CSC Cell Freezing Medium (4Z0-705). 

Human Arterial Endothelial Cells Catalog CSC 2A0 Passage 5 100X Phase Contrast Digital Image

Primary Human Venous Endothelial Cell Proliferation Assay
3-23 CPD in vitro /  Passages 1-8
Catalog CSC 2V0 Human Venous Endothelial Cells
Catalog 4Z0-500 Complete Serum Containing Media Kit
Catalog 4Z0-210 Attachment Factor™
Catalog 4Z0-800 Passage Reagent Group™
CSC specifies bovine serum and serum-derived components 100% traceable to cattle processed in the US at USDA inspected facilities.

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Standard Tests

Test Results
 HIV Serologic Test (donor level HIV AB EIA)  Negative
 HIV PCR TEST (frozen cell pool by CLIA Licensed Clinical Lab)  Negative
 Test of frozen cells for Mycoplasma spp. (ATCC method by CLIA Licensed Clinical  Lab)  Negative


Miscellaneous Tests 




Cytoplasmic VWF / Factor VIII

Cytoplasmic VWF / Factor VIII < 95% positive by immunofluorescence VIII

Cytoplasmic uptake of Di-I-Ac-LDL

Cytoplasmic uptake of Di-I-Ac-LDL < 95% positive by immunofluorescence



PMID Title Author Year
19038867  An Ezrin/Calpain/P13k/AMPK/eNOS s1179 Signaling Cascade Mediating VEGF-Dependent Endothelial Nitric Oxide Production Hua Cai  2009 
18787079 Activation of Hsp90-eNOS and increased NO generation attenuate respiration of hypoxia-treated endothelial cells Tennille Presley 2008
 18763312  Effect of serum concentration on adhesion of monocytic THP-1 cells onto cultured EC monolayer and EC-SMC co-culture  Li-jie Fan  2008
 17220911  Statins induce S1P1 receptors and enhance endothelial nitric oxide production in response to high-density lipoproteins  J igarashi  2006
 17082183  Evidence for the Pathophysiological Role of Endogenous Methylarginines in Regulation of Endothelial NO Production and Vascular Function  Arturo J. Cardounel  2006
 17012319  Electron  Paramagnetic Resonance Oximetry as a Quantitiative Method to Measure Cellular Respiration: A Consideration of Oxygen Diffusiion Interference  Tennille Presley  2006
 16973617  Flow-activated Chloride Channels in Vascular Endothelium  Abdul I. Barakat  2006
 16943246  Hydrogen peroxide induces S1P1 receptors and sensitizes vascular endothelial cells to sphingosine 1-phosphate, a platelet-derived lipid mediator  Junsuke Igarashi 2006 
 16895801  Early Determinants of H2O2-induced Endothelial Dysfunction  Beth M. Boulden  2006
 16611730  Netrin-1 induces angiogenesis via a DCC-dependent ERK1/2-eNOS feed-forward mechanism  Andrew Nguyen  2006
 15905466  Regulation of Xanthine Oxidoreductase Protein Expression by Hydrogen Peroxide and Calcium  J. Scott McNally  2005
 15705727  Vascular endothelial wound closure under shear stress: role of membrane fluidity and flow-sensitive ion channels  Abdul I. Barakat  2005
 15744025  Trophoblast Migration Under Flow Is Regulated by Endothelial Cells  Arlen Soghomonians  2005
 15824471  Hepatocyte Growth Factor Stimulates Nitric Oxide Production through Endothelial Nitric Oside Synthase Activation by  the Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase/Akt Pathway and Possibly by Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinase in Vascular Endothelial Cells  Akira Uruno  2004
 15292187  Small Interfering RNA-mediated Down-regulation of Caveolin-1 Differentially Modulates Signaling Pathways in Endothelial Cells  Eva Gonzalez  2004
 15256377  Effect of glycocalyx on shear-dependent albumin uptake in endothelial cells  Akinori Ueda  2004
 15142848  Neutral sphingomyelinase inhibitor scyphostatin prevents and ceramide mimics mechanotransduction in vascular endothelium Jan E. Schnitzer   2004
 14761889  Differential membane potential and ion current responses to different types of shear stgress in vascular endothelial cells  Abdul I. Barakat  2004
 14751809  Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Agonists Increase Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression in Vascular Endothelial Cells  Kayoko Goya  2004
 14736917  Calmodulin phosphorylation and modulation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase catalysis  Daniel M. Greif  2004
 14597620  Hypoxia Potentiates Nitric Oxide-mediated Apoptosis in Endothelial Cells via Peroxynitrite-induced Activation of Mitochondria-dependent and -independent Pathways  Geoffrey a Walford  2004
 14570928  Shear Stress Regulates Endothelial Nitric-oxide Synthase Promoter Activity through Nuclear Factor kB Binding  Michael E. Davis  2004
 14563789  Roles of Superoxide, Peroxyitrite and Protein Kinase C in the Development of Tolerance to Nitroglycerin  G. Abou-Mohamed  2003
 12963813  VEGF induces S1P1 receptors in endothelial cells: Implications for cross-talk between sphingolipid and growth factor receptors  Junsuke Igarashi  2003
 12958034  Role of xanthine oxidoreductase and NAD(P)H oxidase in endothelial superoxide production in response to oscillatory shear stress  J. Scott McNally  2003
 12757411  Hepatocyte growth factor activates endothelial nitric oxide synthase by Ca2+ - and phosphoinositide 3-kiase/Akt-dependent phosphorylation in aortic endothelial cells Kennedy Makondo   2003
 12692136  Interactions of Peroxynitrite, Tetrahydrobiopterin, Ascorbic Acid, and Thiols Implications for Uncoupling Endothelial Nitric-Oxcide Synthase  Sergey Dikalov  2003
 12615686  Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Overexpression Decreases Endothelial Cel Osidant Stress and Increases Bioavailable Nitric Oxide  Jane A. Leopold  2003
 12533667  Potential Involvement of the Cyclooxygenase-2 Pathwya in the Regulation of Tumor-associated Angiogenesis and Growth in Pancreatic Cancer  Maria Teresa Rizzo  2003
 12527803  Akt-Dependent Phoshorylation of Serine 1179 and Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinase/Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase 1/2 Cooperatively Mediate Activation of the endothelial Nitric-Oxcide Synthase by Hydrogen Peroxide  Hua Cai  2003
 11090064  Secreted phospholipase A2 induces vascular endothelial cell migration  Maria Teresa Rizzo  2000

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