Human Arterial Endothelial Cells

Certificate #: CSC 2A0


Primary Human Arterial Endothelial Cells (CSC 2A0) are pooled primary isolates from 250 individual donor umbilical arteries.

These cells were originated using CSC Complete Serum-Free Medium (SF-4Z0-500), and subsequently grown and passaged in CSC Complete Medium (4Z0-500).  They are available at Passage 3 [<12 cumulative population doublings] cryopreserved in CSC Cell Freezing Medium (4Z0-705). This vial will initiate a Passage 4 cell culture in a 75cm2 flask.

In addition to cryopreserved vials, these cells also are available in 25cm2 and 75cm2 proliferating cell culture flasks (US domestic market only).

Each vial or flask of cells is shipped to Customer with Bac-Off® (antibiotic) and CultureBoost™ (animal derived growth factors) or Cultureboost-R™ (human recombinant growth factors) at no additional cost.

These cells are qualified for use with all recombinant and non-recombinant versions of CSC Serum-Free and Serum-Containing (10% by volume) Complete Medium Kits; CSC Attachment Factor™ (4Z0-210); CSC Passage Reagent Group™ (4Z0-800) and CSC Cell Freezing Medium™ (4Z0-705). 

Human Arterial Endothelial Cells Catalog CSC 2A0 Passage 5 100X Phase Contrast Digital Image

Primary Human Venous Endothelial Cell Proliferation Assay
3-23 CPD in vitro /  Passages 1-8
Catalog CSC 2V0 Human Venous Endothelial Cells
Catalog 4Z0-500 Complete Serum Containing Media Kit
Catalog 4Z0-210 Attachment Factor™
Catalog 4Z0-800 Passage Reagent Group™
CSC specifies bovine serum and serum-derived components 100% traceable to cattle processed in the US at USDA inspected facilities.

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Standard Tests

Test Results
 HIV Serologic Test (donor level HIV AB EIA)  Negative
 HIV PCR TEST (frozen cell pool by CLIA Licensed Clinical Lab)  Negative
 Test of frozen cells for Mycoplasma spp. (ATCC method by CLIA Licensed Clinical  Lab)  Negative


Miscellaneous Tests 




Cytoplasmic VWF / Factor VIII

Cytoplasmic VWF / Factor VIII < 95% positive by immunofluorescence VIII

Cytoplasmic uptake of Di-I-Ac-LDL

Cytoplasmic uptake of Di-I-Ac-LDL < 95% positive by immunofluorescence



PMID Title Author Year


Aputative angiogenin receptor in angiogenin-responsive human endothelial cells

Guo-fu Hu


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