The System™

Certificate #: CSS-A101

The System™. Complete cell growth and passage system including 2-ea 500mL CSC Mediums, 1-ea 100mL Attachment Factor™, 2 ea 10mL CultureBoost™, 1 set of 100mL Passage Reagent Group™ and 1-ea 50mL Cell Freezing Medium™.

Medium Component: Medium - formulated with 10% serum. This medium becomes complete once activated with the included CultureBoost™ supplement.  4Z0-500 is Certified and intended for experimental application.

Growth Supplement Component: CultureBoost™ is the broad-spectrum supplement used to activate CSC Complete Medium. CultureBoost™ contains CSC bovine Growth Factor and Porcine heparin.

PRG Component: Passage Reagent Group™ (PRG) is a matched set of CSC Certified™ reagents for releasing cells from culture for subculture or freezing. The PRG contains three parts: PRG-1(EDTA -dPBS Solution), PRG-2 (Trypsin/EDTA -dPBS Solution) and PRG-3 (Trypsin Inhibitor-dPBS Solution). The chelating agent EDTA in PRG-1 prepares for PRG-2, which contains highly purified trypsin. PRG-3 inactivates the protease in PRG-2 and stabilizes the cell membranes.  

Cell Freezing Medium™ Component: CSC Cell Freezing Medium™ is a specialized media, when used in conjunction with CSC Passage Reagent Group™, provides a beneficial environment for the freeze/thaw cycle of cell cultures, assisting in the minimization of cellular damage during the process.  

Attachment Factor™ Component: Attachment Factor™ is an extracellular matrix (ECM) product that promotes cell attachment to tissue culture surfaces and encourages correct polarity and cytoskeletal organization.  Attachment Factor™ also contributes to correct in vitro growth factor and biological response modifier presentation. Use of Attachment Factor™ is critically important when cultures are to be initiated, grown, passaged, or used within the CSC Medium family.

CSC mediums and reagents are Sterile, made with WFI and all components are cGMP and ISO Compliant.

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